Welcome.   I travel a lot and create images of the people, places, and cultures I experience.  I started with street photography, got into landscape photography, and have dabbled into other genres along the way.  If you have any questions about anything you see here, just ask.  If you are interested in ordering any prints, please contact me.  Prefer digital prints authenticated through the blockchain?  Find me on MakersPlace:  https://makersplace.com/mattleedham

You can find my work represented by Multiple Exposures Gallery, located in the Torpedo Factory of Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia, just south of Washington, DC.

Why I Do It

A still photograph provides us with an opportunity that is unique to video or even a live experience.  A photograph gives us time to stop, feel, and think.  For just a moment, we may feel a sense of wonderment or awe, joy or sadness, shock or curiosity, loneliness or connection.  As a result, we may think about the world around us and the people among us.

My hope for you is that the photographs featured here allow you to stop, feel, think, and experience something personal, something unique.

Matt Leedham Profile

Keep exploring,