Off to School

dsc_0466About the location:  Of all the cities I have visited around the world, Bangkok stood out to me as being truly alive.  The city has a heartbeat, a pulse, that is hard to describe.  Within the sprawling metropolis, there are dense communities that are thriving with their own vibe and uniqueness.  In particular, Chinatown is vibrant and bustling
, filled with alleyways and markets that can consume you for hours (especially if you allow yourself to get lost).

About the shot:  To be honest, there wasn’t much thinking behind the technical aspects of this image as I didn’t have much time to react.  Walking through the narrow alleyways of Chinatown is an adventure, to be sure, but avoiding the motorized traffic in what should otherwise be for pedestrians only takes focused attention.  When I saw this woman flying toward me, I stepped aside into a shop entrance, squatted down and fired the shutter.  Only then did I realize the woman was taking her two young daughters to school.

To order this image printed on archival cotton rag and matted using acid-free materials, please contact me.



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