Tokyo Timewarp

DSC_3845About the Location:  “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  For the first time visitor, Tokyo can be overwhelming.  And rightly so!  The pace, the lights, the alleys, the people, the food…it is endless.  If I’ve ever made an image that truly captures the essence of a place, it is this.

About the Shot:  Motion blur in any context can create interesting results.  There are various types of motion blur, but panning the camera on a moving object is often the most challenging.  The process involves slowing the shudder speed down, but not too much.  Then panning the camera, but not too fast.  Then staying perfectly level on a horizontal plane, which is one thing if you are mounted on a tripod, but an altogether other thing if your camera is handheld, like it was for this image.  The trick is to pan the camera at the same speed as the moving object, therefor capturing the object in perfect focus while blurring the background enough to show motion without blurring it too much to obliterate all details.


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