Peace Be With You II

DSCF0914About the Location:  Kathmandu, Nepal is a wonderful place to explore by foot if you are up for an adventure.  There is a lot going on all of the time.  On this day, I visited a temple that was performing final rights including funeral pyres for those that are passing from this world. Cremation is considered by Hindus to be the most auspicious way to release the soul from the body.

About the Shot: This Hindu Sadhu, mostly naked and covered in ash, has adopted a life of asceticism (a renunciation of worldly possessions). Sadhus of this sect are often found in caves, forests, and temples. They remain partially or fully naked for the rest of their lives, only eat one meal a day and must sleep on the ground. Knowing I was making a donation to his pious life, he was quite friendly and welcoming.

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