Kuna Yala

DJI_0271About the Location:  A little slice of heaven from this weekend in Kuna Yala off the northern Caribbean coast of Panama. The Kuna people are indigenous to parts of Panama and Colombia and a large number live on a series of islands where they trade goods, fish, and entertain the occasional gringo.  Though the little cottages may look inviting, they were quite rustic.  Just a wood box with bed, some mosquito netting and one light bulb at the end of a wire, swaying in the gentle breeze.  But when you wake up to this scene, it sure feels luxurious!

About the Shot:  With permission from the elders, I was able to fly above and around these beautiful islands.  Taken just after sunrise while I was being eaten alive by prehistoric mosquitos, I was able to capture some great video and a few aerial shots of the island I spend the night, Wailidup.


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