Mont Saint Michel

DSC_0858About the Location:  On a rocky island 1km off of the northern French coast sits a small village (current population: 50) that has been primarily a monastery (dating back to the 700’s), but has also served as a prison and a strategic outpost for military defense. At high tide, the ocean surrounds the island making it inaccessible to would-be invaders back in the time it was first inhabited. Today there is a bridge and frequent buses that shuttle in 3 million people per year. Despite the tourists and modern commercialization, Mont Saint Michel lived up to the hype, so definitely go and visit if you are headed to Normandy. Continue reading “Mont Saint Michel”

Lagen Island

DSC_7970About the Location:  The Philippines is a nation comprising 7,640 islands.  It is a remarkable place with too many places to explore in one lifetime.  With villas set within a protected cove and in front of a stunning backdrop on just one small island, there are endless opportunities to watch the sun rise or to watch the stars rotate through the night skies. Continue reading “Lagen Island”

Under the Stars

DSC_6187About the Location:  The small city of Leh, India is nestled into the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of Jammu & Kashmir.  Formerly the capital of the Kingdom of Ladakh, it sits at nearly 12,000 feet above sea level.  From there, a 1.5-hour drive will get you into the mountains near a small village called Rumbak, accessible only by foot.  We camped about an hour’s hike from Rumbak in sub-freezing temperatures at about 14,000 feet.  The terrain was rough and unforgiving.  The rewards were unmatched. continue…

War College

DSC_2660About the Location:  Along the eastern edge of Hains Point in Washington, DC there is a clear view across the Washington Channel of the National War College.  Roosevelt Hall, pictured here, was built in 1907 and has hosted the National War College since its inception in 1946.  You’ll find mid and senior military officers here studying strategic leadership in a complex global ecosystem. continue…

The Road Winds

DSC_9896About the Location:  Mount Desert Island on the east coast of Maine is known as the “Isle of Lonely Mountains.”  It is home to incredible trails, roads, coastline, and beautiful Acadia National Park with its notable Penobscot Mountain, Jordan Pond, and Beehive Trail.  Bar Harbor is the main attraction for those seeking any food with lobster – from steamed lobster to lobster eggs benedict or lobster mac n’ cheese, you’ll find it here. continue…