War College

DSC_2660About the Location:  Along the eastern edge of Hains Point in Washington, DC there is a clear view across the Washington Channel of the National War College.  Roosevelt Hall, pictured here, was built in 1907 and has hosted the National War College since its inception in 1946.  You’ll find mid and senior military officers here studying strategic leadership in a complex global ecosystem.

About the Shot:  It was a strange day.  I was so excited that I had my camera in the car when I crossed the 14th Street Bridge to encounter incredible mist rising from the Potomac River.  The previous couple of weeks had delivered sub-freezing temperatures in Washington turning the river to ice.  Then, an unusual warm front blew in 68 degree air which caused dramatic vapor to rise off the ice.  As I got out of the car to take this photograph, about 300 geese took off after resting on the ice and flew over the National War College.


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