Lagen Island

DSC_7970About the Location:  The Philippines is a nation comprising 7,640 islands.  It is a remarkable place with too many places to explore in one lifetime.  With villas set within a protected cove and in front of a stunning backdrop on just one small island, there are endless opportunities to watch the sun rise or to watch the stars rotate through the night skies. Continue reading “Lagen Island”

Night Market

dsc_0044About the Location:  This is the infamous Temple Street Night Market of Hong Kong.  Located just south of Mong Kok, the most densely populated neighborhood on earth, this market is a thriving part of the Kowloon experience.  You can find a wide assortment of items here from souvenirs to travel accessories, but it is dominated by men’s apparel (the Ladies Market isn’t far away).

About the Shot:  I had come to this street earlier in the day with a friend who thought this location continue…