Mont Saint Michel

DSC_0858About the Location:  On a rocky island 1km off of the northern French coast sits a small village (current population: 50) that has been primarily a monastery (dating back to the 700’s), but has also served as a prison and a strategic outpost for military defense. At high tide, the ocean surrounds the island making it inaccessible to would-be invaders back in the time it was first inhabited. Today there is a bridge and frequent buses that shuttle in 3 million people per year. Despite the tourists and modern commercialization, Mont Saint Michel lived up to the hype, so definitely go and visit if you are headed to Normandy. Continue reading “Mont Saint Michel”

Night Market

dsc_0044About the Location:  This is the infamous Temple Street Night Market of Hong Kong.  Located just south of Mong Kok, the most densely populated neighborhood on earth, this market is a thriving part of the Kowloon experience.  You can find a wide assortment of items here from souvenirs to travel accessories, but it is dominated by men’s apparel (the Ladies Market isn’t far away).

About the Shot:  I had come to this street earlier in the day with a friend who thought this location continue…