Night Market

dsc_0044About the Location:  This is the infamous Temple Street Night Market of Hong Kong.  Located just south of Mong Kok, the most densely populated neighborhood on earth, this market is a thriving part of the Kowloon experience.  You can find a wide assortment of items here from souvenirs to travel accessories, but it is dominated by men’s apparel (the Ladies Market isn’t far away).

About the Shot:  I had come to this street earlier in the day with a friend who thought this location would provide a great shot at night.  The street was mostly empty during the day, but we stayed focused on scouting a good location from which to take this shot.  At one end of Temple Street, we spotted a parking garage that might do the trick.  We scooted past a security guard and made our way up to the 8th floor.  It had potential.

Later that night, I returned with my gear but decided that the 4th floor would provide a better angle and a more interesting composition.  The garage was packed, but I squeezed between a wall and a white van covered in dust (which eventually covered me in dust) to get this shot.


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